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How we work

At DieDev Consulting GmbH, we bring over 10 years of professional experience in recruiting and active sourcing to help you find the best talent for your company.

Active Sourcing

With Active Sourcing & Headhunting we attract highly skilled professionals for your open positions.
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Social Recruiting

Social Media Recruiting service use the power of social media platforms to show your job opportunities.
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Interim Recruiting

Interim Recruiting we provids flexible solutions for integrating temporary professionals into your organization.
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DieDev as your Recruiting Agent

Welcome to DieDev-Consulting, where we redefine the standards of talent acquisition and management. As your strategic partner, we prioritize delivering exceptional recruitment solutions that fuel your business growth and success. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a thorough understanding of diverse industries, sets us apart from other recruitment agencies. We strive for nothing less than absolute client satisfaction, a focus that stands at the very heart of our operations.

Our skilled team of recruiters is driven by the desire to link companies with superior talent that perfectly complements their unique requirements and workplace ethos. We push the boundaries of traditional recruitment by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, detailed industry insights, and tailored strategies. This comprehensive approach enables us to identify, engage, and attract extraordinary professionals. Join us at DieDev-Consulting and experience the future of recruitment, today.

Sectors we fill

Tech Sector

We’ll provide your company with Technicians, Developer, Designer & other positions.
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Controlling & Accounting

We’ll provide your company with skilled Constoller, Accountants and others.
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Engineers & Industries

We’ll provide your company with Engineers and Industries skilled workers.
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Recruiting & HR

We’ll provide your company with skilled Recruiters, HR Consultant and more.
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High Volume Sectors

We’ll provide your company many workers with needed skills around the world.
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Other Sectors

Contact us to find out how we can help you fill other open positions in your team.
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Have a look at our Team

DieDev Consulting are passionate about the evolution of recruitment and talent acquisition. We are loyal to our clients, company vision and each other – working together and supporting one another.


Adrian Schröter

We are not a classical recruiting agency, but an association of sourcers and recruiters who know exactly how in-house recruiting works. We don't want to deal with overpriced headhunters or shady recruiting offers and neither do our clients. We deliver highly qualified, suitable candidates for our clients in a wide range of industries and are paid fairly for it.

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With more than a decade of expertise in recruiting and active sourcing, we at DieDev Consulting, stand ready to assist you in acquiring the top-tier talent your company deserves.

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